‘No It’s fine…I can manage!’

'No It's fine...I can manage!'

Havant Railway Station and I was waiting to pick up a friend. There were taxis parked up and generally very little hope of finding a place to leave the vehicle unattended.

I decided that as the train was due in any minute that I would wait and just hope I didn’t encounter any parking wardens? As I was sitting listening to a bit of James Taylor this vehicle in shot, pulled in opposite.
Then out from the back seat steps this young woman and her dog. The poor girl was laden with bags and even then she still had things yet to retrieve from the boot!

Obviously struggling I watched feeling really sorry for her.

Unbelievably the guy who was driving the vehicle just sat there in the drivers seat doing absolutely nothing to help!

Eventually she managed to get all of her belongings together; then placing some of the excess baggage at her feet she slammed the cars boot shut.

As she did so, the car Immediately drove off without it’s driver offering up so much as a wave goodbye.

So the girl her dog and these several items of luggage just stood there looking very forlorn. She then commenced searching her pockets and unzipping bags I think to locate her train ticket?
Luckily she found it quickly and then shuffled off towards the station platform.

I have no idea what was going on with this driver; but it was all over in a matter of minutes. I didn’t even get time to park up properly in order that I might have been able to help.

Poor kid; I just couldn’t understand how somebody could be so inconsiderate?

“Nowt so queer as folk they say though…eh?”

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