‘Brand New Football’

We were taking advantage yesterday evening of a voucher which we were given by my daughter Jo entitling us to a three course meal at ‘Amelie and Friends’ Restaurant in Chichester.

As we had an hour to kill we went for a walk through the town and it was relatively quiet due to the fact it was early evening and the shops which had not yet shut for the night were mostly in the process of doing so.

As the sun began setting yesterday the light it cast over the frontage of some of the old buildings and shop premises here looked just amazing. But unfortunately the street leading to the restaurant was in contrast quite shadowy and dull.

It was however, considerably brightened when I saw this little lad who seconds before these shots were taken had retrieved a brand new football from it’s plastic bag and immediately commenced having a kick about there in the street right in front of us!

He was so into what he was doing, and in fairness to him he performed some pretty impressive ball skills almost effortlessly.

Not wishing to let this moment pass un-noticed I raised the camera and fired off these three little images of him with his new football. Now as I am sure you can see; albeit though these shots were taken a bit hurriedly; that his facial expressions depict complete focus on the task in hand?

He is totally absorbed with what he was doing.

Then just as he had finally positioned the ball and it remained there suspended in mid air; just when he could actually hear the throng of the Wembley crowds ringing in his ears; loudly and raucously chanting out his name.
Just as he was about to give it one final hefty boot into the back of the net…So then did his father appear from a shop just alongside him; and gently but firmly used his words to positively discourage him.

Poor lad…I honestly felt his frustration?

I hope that this lad has a future in the game though; and that just maybe I might have inadvertently captured a future Ronaldo; who knows eh?

Whatever the case; there was no doubting he certainly loved his football!

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