Saw this lady and her Scottie dog strolling out together through the town.

As she was walking him along and there happened to be a pigeon in close proximity; the dog would literally freeze on the spot, flatten his body to the ground beneath him and then pounce building up a head of steam as he did so. His speed, though quite impressive, was unfortunately no match at all for the pigeons!

This process happened once or twice more until he then spotted a Springer Spaniel whom he obviously knew well. From this point on; pigeons were no longer a distraction!

As these dog owners greeted one another and were chatting; so the two dogs were stood bolt upright; their noses pressed firmly together and both their tails were wagging furiously!
Then they commenced their own greeting ritual which consisted of short barks and snorts followed by much jumping and flinging themselves around; both desperate to be released from their owners grip.

I thought then that it’s such a shame that as humans we don’t demonstrate a similar enthusiasm when we meet up with a close friend?

“But then I suppose this was Chichester after all!”

“Standards Dear Boy…Standards!”

“Walk on!”

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