‘First Time Buyers?’

'First Time Buyers?'

Now although I can fully appreciate that house buying fees are steep for those of us trying to get on the property ladder these days. And many are being advised to start saving early?

But surely these two little lads standing outside the local Estate agents here in Lee on the Solent are maybe taking things a little too far?

I liked the image because It looked like the older boy was explaining their options to the younger boy whilst grasping the peak of his cap in sheer disbelief!

The smaller boys posture is one of shock and disbelief; almost exclaiming “How Much Bro?”

Maybe that tree house their Dad had offered to build them wasn’t such a bad idea after all?

Realistically prospective homeowners now need to earn a salary of £40,000 to secure a mortgage. Yet more alamingly though; those on an average salary of £26.500 will struggle to secure finance.

So maybe these two little boys are not thinking too far ahead of themselves after all?

Makes you think does’nt it?

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