‘Easter Break’

'Easter Break'

I have to admit that I spent a bit of a lazy morning this morning; just drinking cups of tea and reading my latest book.

This seems to have become the norm for me lately; and once awake it’s straight into reading a chapter or two before starting the day.

It’s of course the long weekend for the Easter break and so I had planned to venture down into Southsea and check out what was going on. Maybe snap a couple of shots for my blog?

However, once dressed and ready to leave, I made the fatal mistake of making my wife a cup of coffee and then taking it out into our garden for her to enjoy.

Now once my wife gets herself into planting and organising mode then it’s really ‘game over’ I’m afraid. She had already been out there for a good couple of hours by the time I actually emerged; and so I was on the back foot before I started.

Consequently my best laid plans quickly went straight out the window, and instead; before I had even realised what was happening I was myself being organised putting up new hooks, cleaning our pond filters and packing stuff into boxes from our garage.
(Most of which was mine I hasten to add!)

But whilst cleaning up in there I was re-united with my old mountain bike. It was looking rather sad and forlorn and badly in need of a clean and a service.

A thought then occurred to me a light bulb moment if you like? If I were to get the bike back up together then I could explain that it would be good for me to start maybe going out for the odd ride every other day? Particularly now that the weather was so lovely?

Secretly though my suggestion would not have been entirely honest!

Mainly because I just remembered this photograph I had taken. The one with the guy sound asleep lying out on a shady grass verge in middle of the town centre. His bike leaned up against a tree and a back pack for a pillow.

Not for him the chores of gardening; nor the countless trips across to the local refuse tip.

No… His was a far more personal and altogether tranquil pursuit.

So after Easter I will be taking the bike into the loacl cycle shop and then packing that novel and maybe a sandwich and a flask into my own back pack.

This could be a whole new chapter in my life!

4 thoughts on “‘Easter Break’

    • Hello Bill. Yes I must admit the guy in the photo certainly looks to be reasonably content to me!
      I hope you are ok my friend? Great to hear from you and thanks for the mind comment

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