‘The Look’

'The Look'

All mothers seem to have this inate ability to give their children ‘The Look!’

This unique skill is past down through the generations and is something which if properly applied; requires absolutely no words or explanation!

I have personally witnessed it’s unfathomable powers and seen it practiced throughout the World; and it always achieving the desired effect.

However, it is not merely reserved for chastising youngsters as depicted in my blog entry today… Oh no!

‘The Look’ can be adapted and applied to a wide range of situations. I have seen grown men physically cower at the sight of ‘The Look’ with some recipients even frozen in fear.

True… some blokes are able to adopt a similar look. But none can equal that demonstrated by the female of the species.

I can personally recall coming home late after enjoying a few extra drinks with the lads or having forgotten an Anniversary; or not having done something really important which I had been asked to do; and then being met by ‘The Look’.

“Do you know what?” “Even now the mere thought of it can still make me shudder!”

So naturally I felt for this little girl who had obviously done something wrong to warrant ‘The look!’

I just loved their individual body language…just classic!

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