Point Aux Sables – Beau Bassin – Surinham Village – Rochester Falls

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It’s Easter Monday and today most people are enjoying a day off from the toils of the working week.
And because Monday’s are not the most popular day of the week it’s this particular day I had previously selected to try to bring a bit of colour and vibrancy into the equation; anyway here goes!

There are quite a few photographs in the slideshow today as I found it really hard to de-select as many as I possibly should have?

Nevertheless today delectations consist of a journey over from our base in Albion across to the famous ‘Rochester Falls’ Firstly though as hunger had got the better of us it was decided that we should stop for lunch in Surinham Village.

I took advantage of the fact that there were quite a few people around for the lunch time and took a walk about with my camera. It was an amazing little place and boasted a variety of characters who’se presence truly served to make it all the more interesting.

Rochester Falls is a popular place for tourists to Mauritius to venture out to; but on the day we had chosen it proved a bit of a trek and moreover a bit of a challenge for those not so ‘sure-footed’ amongst our party.

Firstly the road was full of deep pot holes and didn’t seem to be doing our vehicles suspension all that much good!

Secondly we drove for ages through the middle of the Sugar Cane Fields eventually arriving in the highest temperatures recorded by a dirt track where we were suddenly standing at the top of the ‘Rochester Falls’ itself.

There were coconuts and bananas and pineapple for sale and bottles of coke etc.

There were youngsters standing in line awaiting the opportunity to actually dive from the top to the shallow waters below; then there was us sliding around on the claggy mud still soggy from their torrential downpours which they had witnessed just prior to our holiday.

A guide who was present at the falls and sensing our plight; kindly offered to show us a way down to where we might be able to take a paddle or a swim?

We then slid and slipped our way down a muddy bank with stones which disappeared under foot and left us grabbing at plants and foliage to maintain an upright stance.
Eventually though we got down to ground level only to be told that the next obstacle we needed to overcome was a slack rope.
This was secured between two trees and served as a means of preventing a mini torrent of water and loose stones under foot from dragging us under. It was this which we were to negotiate if we were to get to the other side of the falls.

In the end though, we had to admit defeat and trudged away uphill; slipping and sliding; Our sandals not the best footwear for the job in hand.
We were hot, thirsty, caked in mud and bitten by mossies when the guide suddenly stops and tells us there is a blue lizard in one of the banana palms above our heads. (And although he took photos using our camera; this elusive creature was never seen or photographed despite our best efforts!)

Baking in the sun we then all fell into our cars pushed the air con buttons and sank back into our seats; relieved to be headed off after this challenging but hillarious ordeal.

PHEW! What an adventure that was.

The other shots are of family we were lucky enough to visit; Marie Michelle and her husband Rosario in ‘Point Aux Sables’ and on another occassion Nicole and Gerard and their two lovely children Nicolas and Greta.

Though these were both seperate visits; I have decided to include them in this blog today as they were reasonably close to one another in terms of time frames.

Both these families were just wonderful and the food they offered us truly exceptional. I loved the friendly and genuinely welcoming approach adopted by both families, and I only wish I had managed to gain access to their recipes…the food and the appetisers were just gorgeous.

Thank you all so much guys; I only hope that one day we might get the chance to reciprocate; should you venture over here to Blighty?

To anyone reading this today; thank you for stopping by and I trust you have all had a fantastic Easter break?

Hope you enjoy my slideshow of some of the images I captured on this latest entry of our visit to the beautiful Island of Mauritius.

5 thoughts on “Point Aux Sables – Beau Bassin – Surinham Village – Rochester Falls

  1. Wonderful adventure, Bob! The photos are so vibrant and colourful – I can sense being there just by looking at them. I always feel like I’ve gone on vacation after viewing your photos / reading your blog đŸ™‚

    Easter was good. Enjoyed visiting family and being able to take some photos out in the countryside, as my parents live several hours from the city.

    • Morning Mike. Sounds like you had a great time over at your parents place. I shall look forward to seeing some of the images from your countryside jaunt?
      I know I possibly sound repetitive when I say thank you for your kindness and encouragement about my blog photographs; but it is always a pleasure to hear from you.
      Thank you my friend

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