‘Happy St.Georges Day Paz’

'Happy St. Georges Day Paz'

Leaving Palmerston Road is Southsea where I had just been visiting a friend; I decided to take a walk through and into Albert Road.

The weather though was deteriorating quickly, and as I had parked the car some considerable distance away I was debating whether or not I should venture out much further in case of a sudden downpour.

But today was different! Because today was ‘St. Georges Day!’

And on this day above all others in the calendar; my normal ritual come rain or come shine would comprise of finding a decent pub… ordering up a pint of Guinness and then toasting the memory of a great friend sadly missed.

A guy who loved people and who people loved back in return. A mans man…Rugby player, drinker; and all round good guy.

This personal and emotive ritual has been ongoing since he sadly lost his life in a road traffic accident whilst working for the Police in Trinidad & Tobago.

And having spent a few very memorable ‘St. Georges Day’s’ in the company of ‘Paz or Parry’ as he was known to everyone; it just always seems a fitting tribute to remember him by? And today once again I find myself raising a glass in his memory.

And just to quote the great man himself when ever he was offered a drink of anything even remotely resembling alcohol; he would respond loudly “Indubitably Sir…Rude not too I say” this was followed by the loudest booming laughter you ever heard.

Loud enough to literally cause crowded bars to stop what they were doing and for it’s patrons and even it’s bar staff to turn and stare in sheer disbelief.

“Happy St. Georges day Paz! I miss you mate”

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