‘Street Art’

As I have intimated in previous blogs; I am a great admirer of ‘Street Art’ and so I respect and appreciate the degree of skill and talent involved.

So with this in mind; I found myself strolling the route through Exmouth Road and up towards the Kings Theatre; my final destination being Albert Road.

I remember listening to some music on my head-phones and so not particularly paying too much attention to my immediate surroundings; when I suddenly got the distinct feeling that I was being watched?

Now in truth, it has been quite a while since I had walked this particular route, and so I was surprised to be presented with this very powerful wall art depicting a pair of stunning blue eyes staring intently back at me.

It was meticulously painted on and completely covering the car park wall of the MOT test centre. So if your vehicle needed an MOT then there is no way on earth you could miss this location!

You could just imagine the person booking their MOT on the phone saying “And are you easy to find in Exmouth Road though?” “Indeed we are…Just let us know when you are in the road and we will keep an eye out for you?”

Sadly I have no idea who was responsible for this outstanding design, or indeed for the artwork itself; but would have to admit to finding it both intriguing and uniquely original!

But imagine some poor individual taking this route home after having had one too many drinks; and then suddenly seeing these magnificent eyes staring and focused in their direction??

And then imagine if they suddenly blinked!

Now that my friend! Would be pretty impressive… Don’t you think?

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