‘Models behaving badly?’

It’s raining, its miserable!

The forecast for the remainder of today is quite frankly PANTS!

Worse still I stupidly agreed to go shopping so that we might look at garden furniture together!

So having visited several stores in the area and seen just about every garden set available to mankind; we eventually found ourselves in Fareham town centre, where we thought we would dive into their mall and out of the elements.

Having managed to park okay in the gloomy un-welcoming damp and grey surroundings of the car park; we headed down the stairs to ground level.

Passing ‘New Look’ I caught a glimpse of a mischievous lttle figure standing proudly in the shop window and admiring it’s female mannequin as she stood elegantly posed and dressed in the latest fashion accessories of the day.

The boys mother was inside the shop and was busy looking at the sale clothing on the racks; so completely oblivious to her little boys distraction. Looking around him with a guilty expression he then decides to touch the model; just to see if it might be real or not?

Within seconds of doing this the model began to wobble and topple backwards. In fright he shot out of the window and returned to his mother leaving this unfortunate and somewhat undignified spectacle you see before you today.

The shop was so busy that nobody even reacted to maybe return the model back to her rightful position at the front of shop.

So there she lay; her wig askew and her right arm outstretched as if requesting assistance? From a paramedical perspective; I was of the opinion that she had definitely sustained a fractured neck of femur. (Nasty)

But do you know what? For anyone walking past this display and unaware of the catastrophe which the model had just befallen; it could have easily have been seen as a health warning to anyone considering a boozy night out?

Be Careful; because this is what can happen to you if you drink too much alcohol!

But fashion wise…Wow; looking good!

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