‘The Rat Pack?’

I won’t even begin to explain in great detail the latest saga of our elusive search for garden furniture; because I am sure you are as fed up with it as I am?.

Suffice it to say that we went out looking again today. And typically for us; whilst we were out looking at similar Rattan furniture after having been informed that we could expect a minimum wait for delivery of eight weeks! So they were delivering the said items to our home?

First we knew was that we had an answer-phone message on our return stating they had been unable to leave this delivery without a signature. It also specified we call them back!

However…they had failed to provide a telephone number which we might then contact them back on?

Just our luck that is! But ‘hey ho’ I am sure it will all sort itself out eventually?

Now today’s blog entry is equally bizarre; because as we were in Fareham shopping centre (Again!) We distinctly heard a Frank Sinatra song being being belted out through a microphone and some good size speakers.

But then from nowhere ‘Snow White’ appeared clutching a collection tin? She was then preceded even more confusingly by ‘Cruella de Vil’ also armed with her own collection tin?

Now unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to explore exactly why it was that these three characters were dressed as they were? Nor indeed the specific link with the ‘Rat Pack’

I could however make out the word ‘Rainbow’ on their collecting tins; so I can only assume it was possibly a local children’s charity; and therefore a very worthwhile cause? Which would immediately get my vote!

However…my personal recollection of the ‘Rat Pack’ was that they comprised of Frank Sinatra ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ himself along with ‘Deano’ Dean Martin… and finally the outstanding ‘Sammy Davis?’

But Frankie Boy, Cruella de Vil and Snow White? Now that’s a different combination altogether.

‘Viva Las Fareham’ Obviously!

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