‘You will never believe it Kade?’

'You will never believe it Kade?'

Well today I achieved the ultimate as a motorist.

There we were returning back to Portsmouth after having visited the grand kids when to my delight directly in front of us was this beautiful Lamborghini which was as you can see; was unusually being transported very slowly on the back of an AA Recovery truck!

Now for some reason it was all I could do to stop myself from smiling!

Obviously I did feel sorry to some extent for the vehicle owner who’se machine had possibly experienced some sort of catastrophic mechanical fault?

But I cannot even begin to emphasise to you the feelings of pure joy which washed over me after I first snapped this image then cruised past whilst smiling broadly at the driver of the Recovery vehicle and savouring this rare opportunity.

Okay Okay; I will accept that had the Lamborghini actually been on the motorway and functioning at full capacity then the chances of such an overtake might well have been limited or even possible?

But in no way did I allow this minor technicality to detract in anyway from the pure satisfaction of looking in the rear view mirror to see a Lamborghini behind my Volvo.

Obviously I rang my grandson when we got back home saying to him as convincingly as I could…”You’ll never believe it Kade; but me and your Nan overtook a Lamborghini on the motorway on our way home tonight”

The phone immediately fell silent…then laughing his head off he said “Was it parked then grandad?” and then giggling uncontrollably he hangs up the phone on me!

“Good. Fine. Wonderful”; I said to myself…

“I guess now he’s 8 years old I need to deliver a more believable story in the future? Or better still…get myself a newer car?”

7 thoughts on “‘You will never believe it Kade?’

  1. hahaha ~ great story, Bob!
    Seeing these cars is always exciting for me, even though I know I’ll never get to actually drive or own one. I recall several years ago driving my car at the time (a yellow Suzuki) and while stopped at a red light, a beautiful yellow Lamborghini pulls up beside me. It was pretty funny, a quarter million dollar super car beside a $20,000 econobox – both yellow. It probably could have made a great photo.

    • I keep hoping I will win the lotto but no luck so far Mike!
      It would be amazing to drive up in one of these just to see people you knew and watch their reactions? Maybe one day Mike eh?
      Thank you very much for visiting again and taking the time to comment.
      Always appreciated my friend

    • Thank you for stopping by and liking. I wholeheartedly concur with you. It holds a certain sense of satisfaction to see such a thing!
      Hope you are well my friend

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