‘Albion Beach and Stefs Birthday at Pointe aux Sables’

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The photographs in todays slideshow were taken after a visit we took down onto Albion beach. The weather was as usual spectacular and we managed to secrete ourselves with some food and drinks just up a ways from one of the many hotels along the shoreline. The sand was beautiful and the water warm and welcoming.

We spent a very pleasant couple of hours just having fun entertaining our grandson Beau; building sand castles for him and paddling in the shallows. The place was honestly idylic and a real unwind from the usual stresses of everyday life.

I really loved having the opportunity to just sit and feel the waves lapping around me and to feel the sand being drawn away from under me with each receding wave. I would have to admit that I would have more than happily stayed there indefinitly; it was perfect.

We eventually returned back to our home in Albion and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and eating and drinking and swimming. We still had the evening to look forward to as it was my daughters partner Stefs 33rd Birthday; and that meant a lot more celebrating which would inevitably go on long into the small hours.

The place we ended up was in ‘Pointe aux Sables’

The garden of the premises led to a gated entrance and then directly onto your own private beach.

It was a few hours before sunset and so I was looking forward to getting some shots to put up on the blog page when we returned. The sunset was so beautiful that my images don’t really do it justice!

However hopefully they at least offer a glimpse of how majestic it appeared?

Later that evening our Stef enjoyed a freshly cooked lobster whilst we all shared a variety of gadjak nibbles before the boys in the family got the BBQ going; and then the food went on for ever and ever. In fact they might still be eating it now?

Their hospitality knows no boundaries and it was honestly a fantastic night. We had lots of traditional song singing and were even treated to some ‘Sega’ dancing; the girls who demonstrated this were absolutely brilliant.

The kids ran free each making there own entertainment. Chairs and cushions arrived so that the littler ones might rest or sleep safe in the warm night air; thus allowing parents to still enjoy their evening free from any worries or anxiety about having to keep checking on them.

Stef had a special birthday cake and everybody sang to him. It was evident he absolutely loved it!

I sat in wonder as enormous fruit bats swooped and flapped above us all; each desperate to settle in a large Mango tree which was planted in the next doors garden. But being wise it had been heavily netted to prevent these vegetarian creatures from totally devouring the precious succulent fruits.

By now the sky was black and I remember how the stars looked so bright and sparkly! There was very little street lighting around the premises and so it made them look all the more vivid and prominent. Even shooting stars were clearly visible.

I was now completely chilled and sat tapping my feet to the music. Slowly my head rested back into my chair and I sipped my glass of rum my attentions purely focused up into the night sky!

I recall feeling very small and insignificant overwhelmed by the sheer scale of it all.

I also learned that when it comes to partying; apparently Mauritians often hire a coach and fill it with family and friends food and drink and a variety of musical instruments; they then drive from beach to beach and just pile out and party. (How wonderful is that?)

You know the more I think about this holiday; the more I wonder why we ever came back to England?

God I miss that place; but most of all the family and the beautiful friendly well mannered children we met. Best start saving I think?

So if you do get time to read this entry and watch the slideshow; I really do hope that you enjoy it!

And my sincere thanks to all of you who take the time to follow…

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