‘Double Trouble”

Could’nt help but laugh when I heard this young mum trying to negotiate terms with one of her twin daughters who was obviously somewhat reluctant to leave the comfort of her buggy!

I believe her mum was trying to gently persuade her to accompany her sister who as you can see from the image above; appeared more than happy to take a walk through the town.

It is really funny to observe children applying different responses and approaches in order to achieve the desired result?

In the end though having unsuccessfully applied several of her most proven behaviours this little twin; by now completely out of ideas decided to play the trump card and threw herself face down into the vacant seat her sister had previously been occupying; turning on the full ‘Drama Queen’ tactic.

Needless to say this carried no weight at all with her mother who unstintingly continued to offer a considerable level of self control; consequently with all of her skills exhausted she then eventually gave in on her star performance, and alighted from the buggy. Taking her mums hand they then all tripped off together with no further fuss or bother.

No doubt having been promised a little treat as part of this exemplary and well negotiated truce?

Mums rock eh?

2 thoughts on “‘Double Trouble”

  1. Yep, nothing like a bit of bribery to get kids jumping through hoops again. It’s a great shot. I had to double-take for a minute there, wondering what it was that I was looking at. I was swept away by the over all composition. Nice job Bob.

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