‘Quick Snack’

'Quick Snack'

I couldn’t help but to happen to glance across to these three young women happily tucking in to their lunch whilst sitting together in the centre of town.
All totally oblivious to anyone else around them (including myself)
This was too good an opportunity to pass up. So waiting for a gap in traffic of the passers by I captured this little photograph.

It would appear though, that despite being reassured we are returning to more prosperous times; we are not all as convinced as this Government would hope we are!

It seems everybody is still maintaining a tight reign on their finances these days and quite rightly holding out out for the best prices.
In this case ‘meal deals’ were the choice for these three young women, as opposed to spending their hard earned cash in the local more expensive cafés and restaurants.

Besides; there is something special about grabbing a favourite drink and snack and then finding a bench to sit down on. And even more so if you are in the company of good friends.

And there you sit as the world walks by you. Tucking into your lunch and joyfully casting the cumbersome rules of etiquette aside for a change.
When you are out in the open air eating becomes more pleasurable; more relaxed, and dare I say it; more messy?

That’s because you are able to fully emerge yourself in the primitive freedom it offers!

For me there is nothing more satisfying than a pasty and a coffee and a seat outside. Preferably somewhere that’s got lot’s of people though; and with things going on around me. Just me with my camera at the ready; constantly watching for and seeking out my next magical photographic opportunity?

What more could you ask for?

And when you are done eating and drinking; then you simply discard your food wrappings; brush the crumbs from your clothing, swipe your mouth with the back of your hand and then wander on your way.

6 thoughts on “‘Quick Snack’

  1. Back of your hand ay? I s’pose we all do it…
    Anyway… I like the way you’ve incorporated the rule of three in your shot, mirrored by the mannequins in the shop window display behind the three girls sitting on the bench, who are sitting just behind the three passers by that you managed to capture in full. There are a lot of visual layers to this composition, and I’m guessing it’s all just second nature to you, that’s what makes photographers good at what they do you know. Every time I look at your shots I say to myself: “This Bob knows what he’s doing. He’s a good photographer.”
    Enjoy the rest of your day Bob!
    Bess 🙂

    • Bess. What a tonic you are! I honestly am so chuffed with all of the kind words you take the trouble to comment on.
      I would love to think I could say that I am a good photographer but as I emphasise I am an amateur desperate to improve. That’s why the points which you highlight really help and encourage me.
      Thanks so much. You genuinely have made my day today!
      Cheers my friend
      Much appreciated

    • That is both welcomed and heartening for me to hear. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to leave such a sweet comment.
      You are now without doubt my newest and very bestest friend!
      Kind Regards

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