‘Please can I go out Sis?’

'Please can I go out Sis?'

Lee on the Solent and I catch sight of these two little kids waiting patiently for their Mum inside their local Subway store.

Now although they are inside the shop it is evident that the little boy in particular is anxious to get outside.

His big sister appears to be explaining that he will just have to be patient as their mum is shopping but should not be too long now?

As you can probably deduce from the clothes they are both wearing; mum was taking no chances with the weather; actually nobody is really sure exactly what’s best to wear when leaving home lately?

To see these two little faces peering out through the glass just appealed to me.
I was particularly taken with the way both are looking out over the high street; although this little boys facial expression seemed to depict a longing to just wander out there all by himself; and just check a few things out?

But alas; there was no way he was getting out of that shop! Because being a big sister for this young lady in particular; brings with it some big responsibilities!

And this big sister wasn’t for one minute going to disobey her mums instructions.

Nope it just wasn’t going to happen! It was her who had been left in charge of him and so this little brother was going nowhere fast; and certainly not without her express permission.

It’s tough you know; being a little guy; in a big girls world!

5 thoughts on “‘Please can I go out Sis?’

  1. I think their expressions are great, they actually looked as if they’ve been trapped, frozen almost behind the glass! I also like that you can see the reflection of the street outside superimposed on the interior of the shop. Very nice shot Bob 🙂

  2. Thank you Carissa. It’s so nice to hear from you and I appreciate your most kind comment.
    Hope you and yours are well?
    Please give Buddy a hug x

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