‘Punks Rock’

'Punks Rock'

This is a photograph which I literally walked into as I was leaving Tesco’s.

Initially I had assumed that this distinctive tatooed punk chap was casually steering this trolley alongside him and reluctantly off to do a spot of shopping.

It was only after I had taken the shot that I then noticed he had his little son with him?

Hidden from view and striding out in front with both his hands clasped firmly on the trolley’s handle it soon became apparent exactly who it was doing all the pushing!

Having captured the shot I remember the Dad giving me the broadest of smiles and a friendly nod of acknowledgement as we passed each other on the crossing.

Now as I am sure anybody reading this blog entry today is already aware; Initial impressions can so easily be deceptive. For here was a really confident ‘hands on’ father out and about enjoying some quality time with his boy.

Both looked to be having a great time despite the cold rain and persistent drizzle.

Once inside the shop though the fun continued as the little boy suddenly deserted his trolley and took off running with his Dad in hot pursuit!

He didn’t get far and was swiftly cornered by a large display stand in the shop; and despite his best efforts to hide behind it, he had no option but to surrender. Still determined to escape though he continued struggling and slipping from his fathers grip as he was swiftly hoisted up and plonked in the foldaway seat of the trolley.

Then his Dad in an effort to distract him further literally shot off with the trolley down the nearest aisle travelling at a fair old pace!

The boy was by this time giggling uncontrollably as they continued on relentlessly with this exciting and exhilarating white knuckle ride.

“Now that’s exactly how us blokes would prefer to do our shopping!”

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