‘Max and Tara take a walk’

I was on my way home today in the car having spent an hour or two over at the very first ‘Boot Sale’ of the year in Rogate. This is situated just past the town of Petersfield in particularly peaceful and very scenic rural setting; just east of the village itself.

With it’s rolling fields this little rural idyl proved the perfect choice to visit and well worth the drive. I even managed to purchase some freshly picked asparagus spears just as we were leaving the site and which I planned to combine with our evening meal.

So although enjoyable and very pleasant; it did’nt quite offer me much by way of photography? Moreover nothing that exciting happened which might have prompted me to want to write about it.

But then luck being what it is; there I am driving along Havant Road, quite near to where I live; when I drive pass South Road. And as I glance to my left I find myself having to do a ‘double take’ after spotting quite an unusual sight!

There on the grass verge I spot this very attractive young woman very casually out walking this tiny little horse (as you do?) I couldn’t believe it and sudenly took a swift left turn then left again heading once more back up onto the main road.

And as I approached South Road for the second time sure enough there they both were; and still happily strolling along enjoying the warmth of the late mornings sunshine.

Drawing alongside I shout through my passenger side window to the lady; politely requesting if I might take a photograph of them both for my blog page?

And very kindly she obliged. So wasting no further time I dive out from my vehicle with my camera in hand stumbling to explain myself! Whilst we stood and talked I managed to grab a couple of quick shots but decided this one was the best?

I found out that this lovely lady owner in the image above is called Tara; and her totally adorable little pet horse was named Max. Max is only three years of age and that they both reside in South Road. Except Tara presumably lives in the house whilst Max enjoys a very contented life wandering around grazing on the grass in her back garden.

I was further informed that this walk was not a ‘one off’ Tara explained she walks Max regularly around this area. So hopefully; although I never got the opportunity to confirm this? I am hoping I might get to spend a little more time with them both and get some closer shots of little Max!

So there you go everybody; it has been my absolute pleasure today to introduce you to ‘Tara and Max’ who for me at least; most definitely made my morning that much more memorable and enjoyable!

And to conclude I would just like to say thank you to them both for the time they gave up today and for agreeing to appear on my blog… I really hope it meets with their approval?

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