‘Amazing Face’

'Amazing Face'

This is the face of a beautiful old lady who was one of the sellers whom I spoke to briefly at the ‘Boot sale’ in Rogate yesterday.

She had been driven there by her son.

When I first saw her she was sitting on a rickety old fold away chair with a crochet blanket wrapped around her lap; and with her little old dog sitting faithfully beneath her feet. His head tilted slightly to one side; he waited patiently for his share his owners biscuits.

As I was looking over the items on her table I asked “Did you have to get up early this morning?” “I always get up early” she told me “especially if there was a boot sale on!”

She chuckled to herself as her first finger and thumb traced the outline of her chin.

“I like to get here nice and early” she said…”See if there’s any bargains?” then smiling her little toothless smile she commenced to break off yet another piece of her biscuit for her little dog who was at this time nowhere to be seen.

“Where did he go?” I asked. “Oh he won’t go far” she replied

Then slowly standing up supporting her fragile frame on the handles of her chair, she called to him.
And out he obediently crawled from his favourite hiding place; underneath their car.

“He is a good dog” she told me…”And he likes coming out in the car don’t you boy?” she then stroked his head and face whilst patting him vigorously.

I wished her good luck with her selling and said it had been my pleasure to talk with her.

“Alright my love” she smiled; “Thank you; you go careful now?”

“I will” I told her “You as well okay?”

What an incredible lady she was…and what an amazing face?

8 thoughts on “‘Amazing Face’

  1. A face that can tell many stories! I just love to photograph the elderly and people who don’t require any words to say so much. Great to have your encounter documented too, Bob. Have a great week ahead!

    • That is so true Mike! The stories etched in the lines of their faces eh?
      I am having a great weekend thanks and you be sure to enjoy yours buddy?
      Hope to get some photos later?
      Speak soon

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