‘Albion Beach, Mauritius Aquarium, Royal Botanical Gardens, Pointe aux Sables’

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On this particular morning we agreed to another visit down onto ‘Albion Beach’ to soak up the brilliant sunshine on offer that day.

And after some fun in the surf we all decided then that we should travel up to ‘Pointe aux Piments’ to take a look at the ‘Mauritius Aquarium’

It had recently advertised the opportunity for it’s visitors to hand feed their sharks; and so we were was suitably excited at this unique prospect which lay before us all.

However, after a long and very hot sticky drive we eventually arrive only to read a notice in the reception area that the sharks were not in fact available for feeding this particular day!

So to compensate our obvious and very visible disappointment; we were given a slight discount on our entry passes…”So that was good then eh?”

It was so hot that day that we were virtually melting in the heat of the mid day sun.

Understandably we had all presumed that if they had sharks here that you could hand feed; then their complex must be quite expansive?

Wrong again!

We were able to walk through the whole place and be sat down drinking ice cold cokes; in less time than it takes to feed a shark! (If indeed there were any to feed?) Not that I was bitter you understand?

But hey; the boy enjoyed it all though and truthfully that was all that mattered to anyone at the end of the day.

But of course it wasn’t the end of the day! In fact it was anything but.

So once back outside and in the car park two of our party then decided that after such excitement they were going to head back to ‘Albion’ and to visit another cousin on their route.

Whilst the remainder of us gallant and hardy travellers piled back into our vehicle and headed out to ‘Pamplemousses’ with the chance to walk through their famous ‘Royal Botanical Gardens’

In contrast to size though this place took the first prize; it was enormous and absolutely immaculate.

We were overwhelmed admiring the vast array of fabulous plants and species on offer, outstanding!

An additional and unexpected bonus was that as we commenced our walk we were stopped in our tracks by several classes of primary school children who’se teachers had brought them all out for the day.

Their visit culminated with a huge joint school picnic held under the shade of the many large trees in the gardens.
They were all so happy; smiling and waving at everyone they saw.

All so smart in their bright colourful clothing. They looked fantastic.

Unfortunately for us though; the heat continued to take it’s toll. The large bottle of iced water we had brought with us was now being to rationed due to our extreme thirst.
But even that really did’nt matter; we all enjoyed every minute.

This was a terrific place to visit; and one which will remain with me for a long long time.

Eventually though hot and worn out we slowly headed back home hungry and still thirsty for liquids.

So the little Roti store which we stumbled upon on the way through could not have come at a better time… These were totally gorgeous and the accompanying drinks so refreshing!

Back in Albion we quickly showered away the dust of the day and headed back out again to visit family namely ‘Mari-Ange and Steve’ and their little boy over in ‘Pointe aux Sables’ who had very kindly prepared gadjak and a lovely meal and drinks.

Thank you guys for another lovely evening and for taking so much trouble to look after all of us so well.

And sorry we were all so tired that evening but I think after seeing this you will maybe understand why?

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