‘Packing Instructions’

'Packing Instructions'

The Market Place in Chichester and I see this elderly chap and his wife both stooped over three heavy laden bags.

It turns out that this was their weekly fruit and vegetable shopping. After purchase they would seek out a quiet spot and commence packing it all.

To make it easier for them both to transport home; they had brought with them this little two wheeled trolley you can see in the photograph.

I always smile at my daughter Jo when she pops home after visiting her grand parents whom she often refers to in an affectionate way of course; as the ‘olds’ and says how ‘cosy’ they always look to her?

Well I don’t know too much about these two looking all that ‘cosy’ when I happened across them? But they certainly were funny to watch with their repetetive behaviour pattern when packing the shopping.

I spent a few enjoyable and amusing minutes just observing them both as they packed and re-packed their fruit and vegetables.

First the husband would select a bag of fruit from one of the smaller bags and carefully place this into the larger bag. he would then tilt his head in the direction of his wife and with unspoken words; await her approval.

She would then ask “What was in that bag?”at which point he would then take it back out again, carefully open it, check it’s contents and then tell her what was inside. In this particular instance it was tangerines!

The wife would then say “Why did you put them on top of the tomatoes?”
He remained completely quiet and just stared at the bag in his hand.

Then sighing loudly he patiently replied “Well where do you want me to put them love?”

(Now I know you are thinking ahead of me at this point; but it really is true I promise you)

She then says “I will tell you exactly where to put them in a minute”

“Alright then my love” he replied “Shall I just let you do the rest of the packing then?”

“I think that might be safer my love; don’t you?” she said looking him squarely in the eye!

She then had him unpack the larger bag once again.

As I walked off towards the town I saw him standing upright and scratching his head.

He then unfolded their little trolley; pulled up his trousers high above his waist and awaited further instructions.

“Bless the olds…they are so cosy though aren’t they?”

5 thoughts on “‘Packing Instructions’

  1. such a vivid slice of life, Bob. I’m ignoring the whisper in my ear that’s saying one day not too distant I’ll be one of the ‘olds’. Hope I’ll be cosy and not crochety.

    • Thanks again Bill. I am always happy to hear that my stories are ok? Especially from people who I respect like your good self.
      Onward and upwards eh?

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