‘Watch the Birdy’


Just an all round drab dismal day outside.

High winds and lashing rain meant it was totally unsuitable to go out and about too far; without the expectation of getting thoroughly drenched into the bargain?

However I drove down the seafront this morning and took a quick look around before walking through the fun fair and then heading up towards Old Portsmouth.

As I got up towards the car park the waves were beginning to splash over the sea wall and onto the prom.
It was about then I crossed over to avoid them and I caught sight of these two little girls wrapped around the railings waiting for their parents to open the car door to let them both in from the weather.

The cold didn’t seem to bother them at all though; instead their attention was drawn towards the two starlings on the ground. They were both desperate to get as close to them as possible; but without scaring them off!

It was a sweet shot this one; which just seemed to epitomise the fact that there is always something out there to warm the cockles of the heart…if you look carefully enough?

Back home I made a brew and downloaded the image. It looked better than I had envisaged and so I felt happy with the end result.

So altogether now…”Watch the Birdy!”

2 thoughts on “‘Watch the Birdy’

  1. Excellent candid moment, Bob! Sometimes, the lack of photographic subjects can get me a bit down on the creative side of things. However, one simply has to open their eyes and suddenly things to photograph will appear. Nicely caught moment ~ a fine shot indeed!

  2. Cheers Mike. It isn’t always so easy to capture shots in every occasion; but like you say it certainly focuses the mind while you are out there?
    Hope you are well my friend?
    Thank for your kind comment

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