‘It’s my One Year Anniversary on WordPress’

'It's my One Year Anniversary on WordPress'

On opening up my blog today I was delighted to receive a very kind congratulatory message from those good people at ‘WordPress’ who informed me that I have now been blogging for a whole year!

“Wow imagine; one whole year…that’s amazing!

So having now read some of the many entries from previous bloggers who were celebrating their first year anniversary; I decided that I should maybe share some of my own stats with all of you fantastic bloggers out there who have been so consistently generous towards me in your praise, your support, and through your individual words of encouragement.

I am particularly pleased to note that with it was my street photography blog entries which have seemed to be the most popular?

And for that one reason alone; I really am very grateful to everyone who follows my work.

Here then are a few of my stats from the last 12 months:

I have currently submitted 318 posts.

The number of views to my blog stands at 5,391.

Views by Country puts United Kingdom at number one, followed by U.S. New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Belgium, France, Australia, Spain, Italy, Argentina, and India and many others.

My best ever views are 148, and I have received 903 comments about my blog to date; the number of likes total 1337.

My most popular topics in order were:

1. The Streets
2. Holiday shots
3. About my Blog

My most commented post was ‘HELP’ followed by ‘Shapes in the Shadows” and “Bad Hair Day’

My top commenter and coincidentally the first person to comment on my blog one year ago to the day; is the incredible Bill Jones Jnr. (thisblogblank.wordpress.com)
Just an all round genuine and sincere person, a super impressive author, and a very inspirational photographer poet and blogger.
Someone whom I am very blessed to have as a friend

Secondly I am equally privileged to know Carissa (neophytephotographer.wordpress.com) whose talent as a photographer is awesome. And whose support as a friend remains invaluable.

Thirdly is Bruce Goodman (bbgoodman.wordpress.com) a gentleman who has the ability to say just the right thing at the right time and is an excellent photographer in his own right.

Mike Pratt, Eric Tonningsen, and Hachege; are my next most prolific commenters.
And to each of them… thanks for all you do; I am indebted.

To date I am very pleased to say that I have 173 regular followers to whom I am immensely grateful (So again; thank you, thank you, thank you!)

And finally here’s to the next 12 months.

This last year I have just had the best time getting to know so many new people out there in the ‘blogosphere’ and I hope that I can continue to submit my photographs and stories with as much excitement and enthusiasm and as I have since I started off?

There is still so much I want to learn to do, and to achieve, and to develop!
But with the continued support of friends and followers both old and new; I am sure I will get there eventually.

Now I am off to have a nice malt whisky to celebrate this my first Anniversary!

“Thanks a million everyone!”

9 thoughts on “‘It’s my One Year Anniversary on WordPress’

  1. Congratulations! Your work is really amazing, I love what you’re able to see through the eye of your camera lens and I’m looking forward to another year reading your interesting posts. Keep up the good work! Best, Josephine.

  2. Congrats, Bob. It’s not only the wonderful photos that draw me to the blog, but the interesting accompanying commentary. Well done!

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