‘Black River- Pointe aux Sables’

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A visit to Lilette and Jean-Marc’s home was one which apparently all the family looked forward to. But just to clarify…all of the visits which we had enjoyed up until this one had proved to be fabulous and were as unique and as individual as the island of Mauritius itself.

Now my favourite meal above all others would without question be a good curry! Consequently I had been informed that on this particular evening our curry which was being created by ‘Lilette’ who was somewhat of a connoisseur would definitely not be one to disappoint!

So as we arrived at their home the table was dressed, the chairs were out and the setting was just incredible. To the left of their dwelling backlit by the evening light, was this small church with stained glass windows; i thought it just looked amazing and attempted to capture it as best I could.

Lilette and Jean-Marc’s home was in the proces of being developed and the land accompanying the dwelling was to say the least expansive!

Although it was very dark Lilette walked us through her back garden past her two lovely dogs, and on down to a small lake which suddenly emerged from a gap between the trees. There was an almost surreal air about the place.

But the whole experience from us getting out of the car when we first arrived; was just so welcoming and exceptionally friendly.

Then before we knew it, we were all politely encouraged to then help ourselves to an array of ‘gadjak’ delicacies which now covered the table. This we did whilst the family, the children and all of the cousins, politely held back awaiting as we chose and selected whatever we desired; easily piling our plates to capacity in seconds.

Thankfully for us; the atmosphere was amazing and the evening temperature proved kind. It was comfortably warm and mosquito free!

All of the kids as usual, kept themselves occupied and entertained; simply stopping off at the table to grab a drink of juice, or to re-fuel before running off again to play tag or just to share quality time together.

As the evening drew on, and as I have mentioned in my previous blog entries; just when we all thought it was safe to kick back a bit and loosen your jeans…out came the steaming aluminium curry pots and dishes with vegetarian options included.

By now though; I had begun to educate myself by keeping a reserve; a bit of extra space for the main event of the evening! So as a result I thoroughly relished the sight of Lilette’s home made curry. Actually, I ended up having two plate fulls!

(I know…maybe it was a little extravagant? But Mmmmmm…it was just so delicious!)

So after we had all eaten our fill, I then spot an old window frame which was now surplus to requirements and had been placed in the rubbish pile for disposal. I quickly grabbed it and asked the kids if they fancied having their pictures taken?

Suffice it to say that I didn’t need to ask them twice!…Mauritian children simply adore the camera; as the images I have included in my slideshow presentation clearly indicate.

So that’s it for today except to offer a real big thank you to ‘Lilette and Jean-Marc’ and indeed to everyone present that night; who made it such an enjoyable and eventful evening.

I will cherish these memories gifted to us by the families we met; and continue to smile broadly to myself every time I view the many happy smiling faces of these beautiful spirited children.

6 thoughts on “‘Black River- Pointe aux Sables’

      • I am very well thanks Bob. Looking forward to going away and having a break. It always inspires me to look at other people’s posts about trips away, reminds me how much I like to travel with my camera in hand, especially if shared with good company.
        Enjoy your evening friend.

      • Thank you Bess.
        Nothing beats travelling and meeting new people seing new places.

        Especially if you have an eye for photography eh?
        Have a good evening also my friend

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