‘Just Beau’

Today was our day to look after the boy…by the boy I mean of course our little Beau.

He turned up here this morning with his Mum and before he had been here five minutes he had managed to dress up in three different ‘onsies’

The first being a dog, the second being a chimp, and finally the one he protested most about having to remove…the bear.

Anyway eventually he was persuaded with a lot of bribes and promises to take it off and then we could all go down the town in the car?

So with the dog the chimp and the bear suits all safely back in their bags; we locked up the house dived into the car; and headed off in the sunshine off down to Commercial road.

Once we had got ourselves parked Beau decided he didn’t want to use his push chair and decided instead he wanted to walk; so holding my hand we started off for our un-planned morning shopping spree.

It transpires though that the onsies which Beau had worn earlier in the morning had now led to his nan deciding we now purchase two ‘adult sized’ onesies off the sale rail; especially for his mum and dad to wear?

Well there was a fair selection available. There were superman onsies, spiderman onsies, animal from the ‘Muppets’ onsies; there were penguin and giraffe onsies.

BUT… not one bear onsie could we find; despite having searched the length and breadth store!

So eventually after sorting through the appropriate sizes Beau then decided along with his Nan; that his parents might look best if they were both chimps?

The decision finalised and the money paid; we both left chuckling away to ourselves as we imagined the sight of all three sitting of them; all in their onsies; all sitting watching the telly whilst eating their evening bananas! SORRY…their meals!

Walking back through the mall together I asked Beau if he could pick up the handbag from the table which was part of a large photographic advertising posters directly in front of him.

He squinted his little eyebrows and whilst frowning at me he walked over to the table and reached up in an effort to remove the image; which of course he couldn’t!

Needless to say his little frown became even more pronounced and he was not looking best pleased.

He laughed though and we both then smiled back at him.

But of course Beau had better things on his mind than my pathetic pranks. And he knew that it was time then for us all then to get in line behind him; with the pushchair whilst he walked on the shiny floor tiles in a dead straight line without daring to cross… or to step over; any of the lines!

So off we all went shuffling behind him; whilst he creased up at the fact that we were daft enough to follow him!

“Living the dream eh?…living the dream!”

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