‘We were both Fishing’


What a day we had today…it was glorious out there.

Now then, as you may be aware; Wednesday’s for me means that I get the chance to take myself off somewhere with my cameras; and go hunting for prey!

For my wife though it’s the weekly shopping excursion when she picks up her mum and together they go on a bargain hunt.

So without further ado I hit the road and find myself down the Eastney end of our seafront.

The sun was warm as I locked the car and headed across the road to the promenade.

There were a few joggers out puffing past me as I commenced my walk all the way through to Old Portsmouth.

Oh and there was this random guy cruising along on a Segway thingy…(bit different I suppose; but not that energy sapping?)

I was pleased to note that although the weather had changed for the better there was not the usual hoards of people out and about.

The view over to the Isle of Wight at ten o’clock was stunning; and crystal clear for a change. But I did wonder as I strolled along why all the cyclists today were using the appropriate lanes on the road alongside me; and chosing not to completely ignore the signs which specify clearly ‘No Cycling’ on the seafront!

Then it all became clear…when up ahead of me I spot two police officers pushing their police cycles along and obviously setting an example to those who choose to re-offend?

I stopped off for a cheeky brew half way through my walk and spent the time it took to drink this my coffee reading another chapter of my Graham Hurley novel on the Kindle.

Back outside I snapped a few of the sights which took my interest. I even managed to capture an ‘Little Egret’ catching a minnow in it’s beak! Phew… was I chuffed with that or what?

I then detoured along the ‘Hot Walls’ and through to the ‘Still and West’ pub in Spice island. This is a brilliant venue and in such a prime location by the harbours entrance.

Here the huge Ferries churn along close enough that you can almost hear the conversation of passengers on board!
Whilst pub goers relax and enjoy a beverage in the balcony or beer garden.

An additional bonus is that it also overlooks ‘Gunwharf Quays’ and the magnificent sight of our ‘Millenium Tower’ which totally commands the eyes attention.

I declined the temptation to have a beer and instead walked through to the fish market on the quay and admired the boats and trawlers; many of which were being worked on and tidied up for the summer.

Doubling back through Pembroke Park I once again joined the promenade and as I approached the ‘Fun Fair’ I see this old chap sat on the sea wall; his faithful old dog asleep and curled neatly at his feet.
Fishing rod both set and cast taking advantage of the high tide.

As I arrived alongside them both I asked “Any Luck?”
“None at all” he replied.
“But it’s not all about the fishing for me”
“It’s about being outside” ” Just the two of us” he said; leaning forward to pat his dog.

“Oh and this glorious weather of course!”

“Nuff said I think”

Just substitute the word ‘fishing’ for the word ‘photography’ and we aren’t really all that different are we?

Just that I fish for images whilst he… well he fishes for fish?

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