‘Psst…Wanna Chip?’

'Psst...Wanna Chip?'

Another capture from my epic walk yesterday.

I watched this lovely old chap and his wife who were both stopping at each cafe they passed checking out their menus and their prices, and to see what was on offer that particular day; on their special pensioners day out on Southsea Promenade?

In fairness the traders who run these outlets do work very hard indeed always trying to provide exactly what their punters want!

Though speaking bluntly; that wouldn’t necessarily include a choice of healthy options!
But after all this is the seafront; and for most visitors it’s all about fast food fishing and fun!

So as I sat there observing on one of the bench seats; I began imagining how the conversation between this gentleman and his good lady wife might have sounded?

Studying this menu he might have said something to the effect; “Right ma luvver what do you fancy eating before the coach gets back?”

Her reply possibly “Erm…What did you say they did?”

“Oh you know; they do fish cakes, they do beefburgers, they do chicken cheeseburgers, or pasties ooh and pies…what about a pie?”

She looks up and says “I dunno…do they have anything else?”

“Well they do those steak and kidney pies you like, or the chicken and mushroom ones?”
“Or would you like a hot dog?”

“They have Jumbo hot dogs, or chilli hot dogs…ooh what about a chilli burger…now you like those don’t you…um?”

The wife continues to sit quietly whilst still staring at her husband who remains by the menu board focussing intently.

Then after some pensive reflection she says “Well what are you having then?”

“I think i’m leaning towards some chips actually ma luv”

“Aw go on then; before the coach gets back…let’s have some chips shall we?”

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    • Hello my friend
      Great to hear from you again… I am chuffed that you liked the post. I appreciate that very much!
      Hope it raised a smile?
      Keep in touch

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