‘The Cat in the Flat’

'The Cat in the Flat'

Walking towards Canoe Lake today in the company of my wife and one of our grand daughters ‘Harri’ who we agreed a little while back could stay for an overnight whilst her older brother and sister along with their new boxer pup (Deisel) all stayed with their other grand parents over in Southampton.

Now we always seem to have them all over here for sleep-overs as a collective but usually require copious amounts of valium and weeks of counselling when they eventually all return home again!

So one option we have recently negotiated with their parents is that we have them on their own now and again; primarily for the sake of maintaining our sanity!

That way they get dedicated time with us both and we can do things with them which they individually enjoy?

Now our little Harri is just four and a very very chatty little girl.

One who has a lot to say for herself. So although beautiful and funny and utterly adorable; she is capable of absolutely anything if left unattended!

She is the sole reason I am just getting around to posting my blog this evening at gone 21.00hrs…

It is thanks to ‘Harri’ that I have had to re-arrange the bedroom she sleeps in upstairs. I have had to build her a tent then magic her up a picnic.

And under strict instruction I had get into the bed with her whilst she watched Wallace and Gromit’s ‘Curse of the Were Rabbit’ …For the nine hundredth time!

She is now in her bed wrapped up tight and no doubt dreaming about where I am to take her tomorrow? When she will no doubt waken me up at some God forsaken hour of the morning with her plaintive cries of ‘Gwandan’ i’m really hungwy!

But in an effort to tire her out today I ensured she either walked or sprinted everywhere. That was until she stopped to chat to this young fellas pet cat who he was walking on it’s lead and harness outside of this seafront basement flat.

Through this conversation I gathered that they had not lived there all that long; and as this was such a busy road the owner was understandably reluctant to let his cat venture very far un-tethered?

Needless to say our Harri loved him (the cat I mean) and as we said our goodbyes and walked away; she thought for a moment and then said “Gwandan could we get a lead for our cats?”

“Oh and could they have a ‘sleep-over’ with me at your house next time I come to stay?”

“I could put them in the back of your car Gwandan? And we could bring them down here for a walk?”

Suddenly I feel an uncontrollable nervous twitch commence in my left eye. I then catch myself muttering quietly.

It’s only as I start patting each of the pockets in my jeans individually that I come to the sudden realisation… I don’t actually take Valium!!

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