‘Introducing Diesel’

Here is my son Duncan’s latest aquisition and addition to their ever growing family.

This my friends; is ‘Diesel’

He has been with them for just over a week now; and it appears that he is settling in nicely?

By nicely of course; what I actually mean unfortunately for ‘Diesel’ he has inherited a fun and totally crazy family…who will adore and love him in equal measure.

This little beauty was born from pedigree stock and is a boxer dog; as I am sure you had already established.

He has a fantastic nature which he takes from his mother. And surprisingly; considering his young age; he has adapted with relative ease to fitting in with two cats (whom he has never met) three children who are beside themselves every time they see him; and two parents who are determined to make sure he understands the rules of puppy-hood by offering him consistent and repetive commands with a smattering of unconditional love liberally applied.

Already he sleeps through the night with no barks or whines. He appears more than happy in his puppy cage with his ‘furry pheasant friend’ even after the initial shock of being taken away from his original family.

In fact he has already begun to show signs of becoming a fast learner. Quickly developing his own special and wonderfully innocent little personality.

We were then informed in the nicest way possible you understand that in the next few weeks it would look like to all intents and purposes we shall be getting to know Diesel a lot better?

Ths is because his new family have all decided they are having a hoilday together! And to use my sons own words as he held Diesel cradled in his arms whilst stroking him and looking adoringly into those puppy eyes…

“We would all really be much happier if we could rely on you and Mum to look after him for us while we were away?”

Despite my best efforts at applying a firm ‘NO’ to this request; just one look at this little pups face and there was no way I could refuse!

He is in fairness the cutest and most adorable little pup you could wish to meet; and secretly we are both very much looking forward to spending some quality time with him here at our place.

So just for today I thought you all might like to see him for yourselves; and I shall of course do a follow up blog for those interested; updating you on his time spent with us.

“Anyway what could possibly go wrong? It’ll be great fun…wont it?”

5 thoughts on “‘Introducing Diesel’

  1. If you can’t cope, you can drop him off here! I’m sure India can teach him some naughty but funny ways!

    • I shall bring him over to meet you anyway Jean as I will need some doggy sitting tips!
      Hope you guys are ok?
      I’m very chuffed to know that you are following my blog Jeanie
      x Thank you

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