“Go Team!”

Good evening everybody!

I am very proud to announce that our grandson aged 9 at only his second ever ‘Military Martial Arts Tournament’ came away with two trophies.

He took first place in the semi-continuous; and then just for good measure he earned a second place trophy in his next fight.

I know his father who instructs these kids was elated at the huge achievements of every one of his students; as indeed were we all!

The levels of hard work and dedication that these youngsters put into their training helped ensure that they did themselves; their club and their families; very proud!

Photographs courtesy of my son Duncan from his i-phone.

“Nice one lads and well done son…that’s a great little team you have trained there!”

“Some days are Diamonds…Some days are Stone”

2 thoughts on ““Go Team!”

  1. That’s kind Bill!
    My son started this club from scratch and his own children as well as kids from whose backgrounds bullying was an issue; have all thrived under his guidance and encouragement!
    I really love it when inter club tournaments such as this one help them regain their confidence!
    And I really appreciated your kind comment my friend.

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