‘First flat together’

'First flat together'

Driving home from my daughter Jodie’s place and stuck in traffic when I see these young lads making their way over the road in front of us via the crossing.

As they alighted the pavement on the other side; they all began talking and shouting out a name which from the car sounded like ‘Brett?’

Now because they had decided to stay so close to this zebra crossing; the vehicles waiting to drive on were holding back. Obviously uncertain if these youngsters were intending to cross back over again or not!

Apparently unawares they continued to shout out even louder ‘BRETT MATE!’

Then suddenly the window above one of the shops gets pushed up and opens to reveal four young lads.

A lengthy conversation then ensues and much joking and laughter!

This scene immediately took me back to when my own son shared his first flat; and not far from this very location.

So like any of us who have chosen to move out of the family residence and decide to fend for themselves both he and his flat mates encountered a huge learning curve!

It’s so hard for kids to fully realise what a massive responsibility they are taking on once they decide to leave home.
Often though the sheer excitement of securing their own place and of moving in their music systems gaming stations etc. seem to over ride any of the basic essentials, such as food and budgets for those relentless household bills!

But then again it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry…and an experience they will usually remember fondly; and never forget?

By now the traffic had begun to move off again and looking over at them all I smiled watching as they laughed and made their plans for maybe a future flat warming party; or just doing whatever it was they fancied doing; because now it was their own choice!

They might decide to stay up all night on the play station? They might bring their girlfriends back for the night? Then there was all those ‘take aways meals’ to look forward to instead of having to cook?

Oh the joy of having your own place eh…? Priceless!

If only life were that simple eh?

But good luck to them and welcome to the first rung on a very long ladder boys…enjoy!

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