‘Skinny Dipper’

'Skinny Dipper'

Well now…this wonderful old gentleman with a shock of white hair seemed determined today to take advantage of the warm weather. As not long before this shot was taken he had been out there enjoying a swim.

‘The Hot Walls’ were indeed busy today; and a good few bathers were out sitting on beach on towels or blankets… many just resting back sleepily enjoying the sound of the waves.

Whilst others sat reading their favourite novel or were listening to tunes through their i-phones.

This old chap however; looked to me to most definitely be a local?

“But how Bob…how do you deduce him to be a local person?”

“Quite simple…allow me to explain!”

Firstly then!

From my higher vantage point I watched as he strode out purposefully.

And at no point did he look uncomfortable or un-balanced in his posture; despite the array of sharp pebbles and broken shells which populate the full surface area of this beach.

It is only us locals who seem to have adapted to; and indeed mastered, this technique.

Consequently after many years of visiting the sea shore here; we are now able to glide effortlessly across such hazards; apparently oblivious to any pain or discomfort?

Secondly then; this gentleman was sporting an amazing nut brown all over tan!

And finally; but possibly most importantly…he walked home from ‘The Hot Walls’ here today; only dressed exactly as he was; when he first arrived!

“I rest my case!”

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