‘Right lads; ere’s the plan!’

'Right lads; ere's the plan!'

Commercial Road early morning. These workmen were in negotiation with their boss to agree exactly where these scaffolding boards were to go!

And although there was a lot of activity going on all around them during these delicate negotiations; eventually the work commenced; much to the satisfaction of their Guvnor!

To me it was impressive just how quickly the scaffold poles had their boards set up all in position.

Realistically I must have only been away from this initial scene for an hour or so; but when I walked back through to Portsmouth Guildhall; these lads had done what was needed and were all at different levels all busy with their different areas of expertise.
They had their obligatory radio dial set on ‘Heart FM’ and a couple of the younger lads in their hard hats were bopping and whistling along to the toons!

Surprising really; just how quickly a plan can come together once everyone knows what’s expected of them?

Me? Well I was exhausted just watching these guys and so I thought I best have a beer!

“Rude not to eh?”

2 thoughts on “‘Right lads; ere’s the plan!’

    • Mike thank you for your comment and astute observations of this shot.
      I liked the activity but your description of its energy sounds far more professional?
      Hope you are well my friend?

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