Good evening everyone.

Just by way of a change! I decided that as with my previous decision to introduce a splash of colour onto my Monday blog entry in an effort try to brighten things up a little. Especially for those of you who might be experiencing those classic back to work blues?

I felt that I might now introduce another idea for my Friday entry. Especially knowing that everyone is usually feeling that much more positive at the end of the week as the long awaited weekend is upon them?

I am going to call these new entries ‘Images and Reflections’

Basically I have always adored words and quotes and felt that this might allow me the opportunity to try and select some of my favourites; incorporating these onto some of my images. Images which up until now have sat in my library; and which to date I have not had the opportunity to submit?

I really hope that you enjoy viewing them?

So here then is my very first ever ‘Images and Reflections’ submission…Tadah!

This is a photograph I took whilst on the beach of the Hilton Hotel during our recent holiday to Mauritius.

I had just returned back to the shoreline after snorkelling and was feeling elated at having observed the array of highly colourful vivid fish species in their secret and tranquil world; hidden just beneath the waters surface.

I captured this shot just before heading back across the beautiful hot white sand; where I remember looking forward to relaxing with a cold beer from the comfort of my plush and memorably comfortable sun lounger.

Having just this minute looked outside our window at a rather dull damp and dismal Portsmouth evening; with the rain falling and the temperature outside dropping; I thought thank goodness I have my photographs along with a bunch of amazing memories.

Happy times!

Hope you like this first quote from Kahil Gibran?

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