Just to say that as it’s my Birthday I wanted to use this photograph which was taken by my lovely little missus Julie.

Who today as a special treat kindly treated us both to a fantastic lunch over at ‘las IGUANAS’ restaurant in Gunwharf.

The food was amazing and in truth it actually made a very nice change just to have a meal out on our own for once!

So sorry to anyone reading this right now if you feel this post is a bit ‘self gratuitous?’

It’s just that I wanted to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to my amazing wife and family; and to all of the great friends we have; who were kind enough to send their birthday greetings out to me today!


“Thanks so much to all of you for helping make it such a special day for me”

19 thoughts on “‘Birthday’

  1. We are ok Graham still very breathless but waiting for new meds to have an effect! Only two more rounds of chemotherapy for me too! xxxx

    • Give my buddy my best and look after yourselves!
      I am here if you guys need anything so just let me know. I don’t charge either!
      You are doing so well with your treatment Jean…keep it up babes x

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