‘Fast Text’

'Fast Text'

This little shot was taken yesterday before the showers came down.

We were just returning through Gunwharf after enjoying our lunch when I noticed this young lad outside the sportswear shop busy on his mobile.
It turns out he’s was waiting for his girlfriend who at the time was inside.

I liked the advertising image of this sprinter coming out of the blocks directly behind him; and the fact that it was promoting the benefits of fitness and exercise.

I got the impression though that the only physical exercise which this young guy had undertaken today was that of sending out a text message?

It was sent incredibly fast though I would have to admit!

Anyway as I stood there momentarily looking at this image inside the window; what happened next I did find most a bit amusing.

It transpires that the text which he had just spent time constructing and then pinging off; was in fact to his girlfriend who as I explained earlier was in the very shop; whose window he was leaning against?

Moments later his girlfriend then appears alongside him also checking out the very message on the screen of her own mobile.
Then smiling broadly she says “Sorry babes I won’t be long”
She then gives him a quick peck before he responds with “Okay babe…but text me when you’re ready alright?”

“Is it me??”

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