‘Land or Sea or Shore?’

'Land or Sea or Shore?'

Processed this little image tonight after capturing it earlier in the day.

In the distance you can glimpse the ‘Isle of Wight’ as well as one of our Napoleonic Forts.

Closer still was this beautiful old sail boat which came majestically into view looking very romantic in its own special way.
To it’s right then appeared a small motor launch moving at quite a lick!
A smaller rib with an outboard also arrived to further compliment this image; and is seen just leaving the shore.

Each craft with occupants on board and each with their own sea bound journeys ahead of them.

Finally; directly to the front their stood these two strangers. Their shoes off and their feet leaving imprints on the soft surface of the sand!

It was only after I finished processing though that I began to think that this almost looked a little like an old oil painting?

I also find it a bit sad in a way when in just a few brief moments a sight which your eyes have been so enjoying; suddenly has gone.

Here each of these craft had soon moved out of shot; each headed toward their respective destination.

Then our two strangers on the shoreline also wandered slowly away both lost in their own thoughts and reflections.

That’s the beauty of any quality time spent down here. This place offers the observer a constant and an ever changing visual feast!

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