‘The Morris Men’

I popped over to Chichester today and thought I might have a spot of lunch over there and maybe get some photographs for todays blog entry?

It was quite busy and unusually there were lots of youngsters over from France? Each armed with A4 size questionaire sheets; all doing little surveys with any shoppers willing to spend ten minutes with them.

It was all good humoured and they certainly all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Certainly those shoppers whom I personally observed interacting; were friendly and easy to approach. Indeed very receptive and accomodating towards them.

There was also of course the usual gathering of local ‘cheeky happy street traders’ out and about each pushing their wheeled carts up and down the high street.

There was the man who was sells the Strawberries at £2.00 for two large punnets (bargain)

There was the trader selling his Hot Dogs (It’s that wonderful aroma of onions cooking which draws the punters in you know?)

Then there was the Do-Nut seller; who incidentally was inundated by our young French visitors; who seemingly could’nt get enough of these sugar laden treats?

As I wandered through the town though I then heard the familiar sound of sticks being knocked together! This was then accompanied by the distinct sound of small bells ringing out clearly.

Ahead a small crowd had gathered; and as I moved closer I was delighted to be treated to a series of traditional folk dances performed energetically and enthusiastically by a group of local ‘Morris Men’

These guys danced and jumped around banging sticks! In fairness they had more bloody energy than most people half their age! They were excellently accompanied by a small group of roving musicians with accordions and flutes etc who played a series of foot tapping crowd pleasing tunes.

Some of these musical types I must add looked rather respendent; sporting large bushy beards.

Occassionally though as they smiled at the children who were gathered; it did cause some to gravitate behind their parents legs; only peering through when they thought it safe to do so!

It has to be said though despite these children’s reservations; the ‘Morris Men’were brilliant; and were superbly adept at what they performed!

It definitely brought a little light relief for all of those who stayed long enough to enjoy the spectacle.
Though probably more importantly; it actually got people talking to one another.

It was nice for a change to see so many people happy to clap along. Comfortably and openly smiling and laughing at the groups antics. Just for a brief moment allowing themselves to switch off and to become part of the fun; and to forget the normal mundane pressures of everyday life.

5 thoughts on “‘The Morris Men’

  1. You always manage to bring something special to the mundane and ordinary through your shots. You always inspire me. A true artist Bob. Enjoy your evening my friend.


    • That has made my evening Bess! What a generous thing to say about my images.
      I am even more pleased that I have helped inspire someone with your obvious talent!
      Thank you so much my friend; enjoy your evening as well!

      • Ha! You are too kind Bob, but of course I am deeply appreciative of the complement, and likewise you are very welcome.
        Take care,

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