Just a quick cheeky little photograph for this evenings contribution.

I saw these two workmen on my way through the town yesterday.

I sensed that ‘Health and Safety’ regulations had obvioulsy been a major factor here; as it was very evident these two had been thorough and conscientious in their proposed work plan!

They had both spent some considerable time in preparing the area in which they were about to carry out their work.

Firstly they had carefully laid out three traffic cones and then roped these off.

Still of course allowing for access into and out of the premises; should shoppers so desire.

Next; up went the two ladders after having been set correctly to the relevant height for the job in hand.

As they were obviously local they had taken into consideration that this was indeed a busy throughfare!

This sound forward planning ethic meant that they undoubtedly seemed like they had covered all of the bases?
Thus effectively protecting themselves and others from any unforseen accidents?

The little dog who you can see in shot though had attempted as he strolled by to take a quick leak…but was abruptly interupted and pulled up sharply by it’s owner!

This was Chichester after all!

So with one possible accident already averted; work then commenced in earnest.

The old hand and his apprentice; looking to all intents and puposes like two book-ends!

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