‘Lost in Thought’

'Lost in Thought'

Saw this young woman walking slowly through the town recently. Her hands tucked tightly inside the pockets of her buttoned up jacket.

For some reason my attention was immediately drawn toward her eyes… There was such a haunted sadness about them!

Even her body language cried out worry and unhappiness!

It felt to me that she was seeking solace; looking for answers? Answers to questions which were as yet unresolved?

Now Chichester as a town; is relatively small. So I did recall seeing this same young woman earlier that morning.

Even then I could remember thinking to myself as she past close by me; how powerful her gaze appeared. Her eyes fixed and unmoving as she drifted by. Staring pensively into the near distance?

It’s never easy when people are struggling to come to terms with something for which they seem to have no immediate answers?

And we all seem to deal with or manage these situations in our own particular way?

When faced with such problems people can often walk for miles whilst thinking things through in their minds before suddenly becoming lucid; and then wondering what on earth it was they had been doing for the last hour or so?

This also happens when people experience a sudden trauma or upset in their lives.

Without thinking they might decide to take the car out for a drive; they play their favourite music tracks loudly on their CDs whilst reflecting deeply on the things which have just happened in their lives? Only to park up some time later. Then stepping out from the vehicle they have no apparent recollection whatsoever of the time they just spent spent driving the car; or more worryingly still; which route they had just driven?

So I just hope that my supposition regarding this young woman’s mindset was wholly incorrect and that she was merely taking some time out for herself before meeting up with friends and perhaps sharing a lunch together?

I do however remain mystified; that in the multitude of busy shopping centres throughout the world with so many people so close together…that someone can still appear so alone and so disconnected from their immediate surroundings?

Completely lost in thought!

One thought on “‘Lost in Thought’

  1. Hi Bill
    From you that means a lot! I am getting out as much as I can and hopefully improving through practice!
    Thanks so much for stopping by

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