‘That Rizla Moment’

I took this shot whilst I was over in Petersfield recently.

I spotted this lady relaxing; and after quickly capturing this shot;  I began to remember all too well when I myself used to be a smoker!

I reflected back and with some degree of affection I might add!  On just how enjoyable the thought of collecting together the associated paraphernalia from my pockets; and the anticipation prior to carrying out the ritual involved in constructing a cigarette.

This feeling for me; never seemed to change.

I know now that this was addiction…pure and simple!

I truthfully don’t  know now what I saw in this now; but habitually usually after being busy or having just enjoyed a meal; or after a coffee or tea was brewed…a cigarette was deemed essential.

It complimented these occassions perfectly!

I would usually without thinking; sit myself down; locate my tobacco tin, take out a filter and a liquorice paper (my preference at the time) and I would slowly and methodically construct myself a ‘roll up’

After licking the line of glue on the edge of the paper I would then continue to manipulate the cigarette between my fingers and thumbs; before eventually tapping down both ends on the top of the lid of my backy tin.
Finally I would then flick open my Zippo lighter whilst striking the flint and light it up!

That first inhalation though!

Aw… it just never failed to hit the spot for me; never!

It was obviously a very unhealthy habit though…and smelly! And messy!

But oh…it tasted so fine!

At that time I was genuinely of the firm belief that it helped relax me and to help me chill out?

That’s why whenever I see people who smoke and enjoying their cigarette; I can’t ever be a hypocrite or attempt to demonise them! I just reflect back on my own addictive behaviour; and try to appreciate exactly how it is they are feeling? So there you go.

This good lady though with her shopping now complete; sipping her cup of strong coffee having just secured herself a comfortable seat outside; albeit damp!  Her bag of provisions by her side;  one ‘Rizla Roll Up’ between the fingers of her left hand… and not a care in the world.

Each to their own I say!

2 thoughts on “‘That Rizla Moment’

    • Good grief!
      What a kind and welcome gesture! I am genuinely touched by it…thank you so much my friend.
      Now then; I obviously want to respond to your gesture and follow the guidance you have included!
      However…I am at a loss to know how I make the links to other blogs I enjoy; so that when you click on the blue text it takes you directly to the relevant site??
      Is this easy to do?
      I’m rubbish at this and wondered if you might be able to advise?
      Thanks again for such an encouraging award!
      Kind regards

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