‘Stood Up and Sat Down!’

    The City of Winchester and looking somewhat forlorn I spot this very smart young fella sat on one of the many bench seats in the High Street here clutching one bunch of flowers. I observed him for a few minutes as he checked his wrist watch and then checked the street to his left momentarily before then turning his head once more; and staring in the opposite direction.

    I felt though that holding the flowers he had bought as a very considerate and thoughtful gesture; had made him feel maybe just a tiny bit self conscious? As he sat there looking despondent and commenced twirling them around and around nervously in his hands.

    His whole demeanour though gave me the distinct impression that here sat before me; in the middle of Winchester High Street; this one very smartly groomed and well turned out young fella; carrying his bunch flowers which were obviously for someone special whom he had arranged to meet up with?
    Here; at this very spot… and on this special day; was looking sadly disappointed!

    And for whatever reason. This mystery person had so far failed to show!

    I was very tempted to stay in the vicinity a while longer; to see if indeed there was a happy ending or he had… as I feared; been ‘Stood Up?’

    Can you remember being in a similar situation when you were younger? Were you ever on the receiving end? And can you remember how nervous and clumsy you felt at the time?

    I once fell deeply in love with a beautiful girl who sold ‘The Football Mail’ outside the Odeon Cinema in Albert Road (long since demolished) the Cinema I mean…not the girl who sold the Mail!

    I would be there every Saturday without fail just to catch a glimpse of her. Now despite the fact that I detested football and actually still do; I never once failed to purchase a paper from her for weeks on end!

    Eventually I plucked up enough courage to ask her out? I remember we arranged to meet outside the very Cinema that she was selling the Mail. And even today I can vividly recall waiting anxiously for her to arrive.

    Luckily for me though…she did!

    So I hope that this young lad wasn’t ‘Stood Up’ after all; and that he did eventually meet his love and that they both got to enjoy a great day out in the City?

    Nice touch that bunch of flowers though fella?

    And they say that romance is dead?

9 thoughts on “‘Stood Up and Sat Down!’

    • You might well be right Adele!
      And you’re absolutely correct that romance will never die!
      You take care and many thanks for taking the time to visit.

  1. My first impressions of this shot was that it was directly out of the 1960’s, especially given the young lad’s attire. Extremely well composed, both the young lad and the shot. I love what you do.

    Bess 🙂

    • Bess thank you! Thank you so much for your lovely enthusiasm and encouragement.
      I am so pleased you like what I do and I am even more pleased that you took the time to respond to my ‘Missing Link’ problem!
      I really am grateful my friend
      Bless your little heart

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