‘The Missing Link’

This is a plea for advice?

If you receive an award from a very kind and considerate fellow blogger. How then do you link other bloggers pages which you would wish recommend?

I frequently see text which is printed blue? Which when clicked on; takes you directly to the blogger you have nominated and opens up their blog?

Is there an easy way of me doing this? As I am at a loss as to know how!

Maybe I am destined to becoming the one blogger who wanders the blogosphere blissfully unaware of this helpful and time reductive process? The only way out for me then being to individually type out each bloggers details whom I would like to recommend other people follow?

I think I need a lie down and an aspirin!!!

Any easy to follow advice on this matter would be most welcome.

Paparazzibob (as yet unlinked)

9 thoughts on “‘The Missing Link’

  1. I shall try and assist if I can 🙂
    When you create a new post you can create a link by going to the link-chain icon on your editing bar, click on it and a small window will pop up prompting you to enter a web address. Cut and paste the desired web address into the box marked URL, then click the ‘add link’ button at the bottom right, and Bob’s your uncle so to speak. That’s it. Once you publish then it will show up blue.
    Hope that helps.


    • Hello Reenie
      I get that bit I think
      But how do I then locate then copy and paste those blogs I like?
      Sorry to be so hopeless!
      Very nice to hear from you though; and I appreciate your very kind offer of support!

      • when you start to add your new post, start typing and let’s say that you want to feature a blog on dogs you would open a new page and pull up that blog, copy the blog address. Ex. I have located a wonderful blog about dogs I would like to nominate.
        Then highlight the word dogs in your writing and then select the chain link icon. It will ask for a title , so title it the word you selected “dogs” and then paste the address. I hope that is what you asking and this helps 🙂

  2. Bob, the first thing you want to do is go the the main page of the blog you want to link to, say YOUR Blog. You will see the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser, highlight that URL and copy it. Then go to your blog post and insert your cursor where you want the link to go. Then, click on the closed link in your post’s menu section and the window will open up. In the link field, PASTE the link you just copied. It should be https://paparazzibob.wordpress.com. Then, in the title section, type Paparrazibob. Click on Add Link in lower right of dialog box.

    The alternative of putting an address in the dialog box is to just type it into your blog post, then highlight THAT. Then open hyperlink dialog box paste the copied URL into the field and click on Add Link. Don’t worry that “Title” is blank. The title you highlighted in your post will turn into a hyperlink.

    • I am using the Apple Mac computer and quite simply put I am not that proficient with tasks which require any degree of technicality.
      However…I am immensely grateful to you for your very comprehensive response Carissa.
      I will report back.
      Sorry if I have caused you to end up in moderation!
      You are a star my friend!
      Say hi to Buddy please

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