I spent the whole morning down on the Seafront at Southsea today watching the elite force that is the Royal Marines executing an exceptional amphibious display and beach landing.

I was part of a large crowd whom had gathered comprising of photographers, visitors new to the area, holidaymakers, hords of excited school children, journalists, local news cameramen and a strong security presence!

This was just part of a whole week of fantastic free events which included a fly past of both Spitfire and Dakota Aircraft. Many of these amazing planes took off today I believe from Daedelus Air Field.

They were flying out our veterans along with hundreds of parachutists; all of whom were headed out for the beaches of Normandy.
Proud to take part in the Commemorations for the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

I hope to put up some of these images I managed to capture on Friday; and shall probably be editing these until then?

Now because I had stayed down on the front the whole morning and it was particularly breezy at the chosen vantage points; I decided to treat myself to some chips and a cup of coffee.

I shared these chips with a host of black headed gulls, several pigeons, and about a dozen or so starlings; each of whom managed to get a piece of the action. Some even feeding from my outstretched

Anyway lunch over; I placed the rubbish in the bin and headed back towards the car stopping off at the ‘D-Day Museum’ which was as you might appreciate was very busy today!

Glancing into the car-park as I walked past I then see this Range Rover and trailor backing into one of the designated free spaces.

My eyes just stared. And I suddenly felt that I might need to possibly pinch myself!

As on closer inspection; inside the metal trailor there was actually a full scale ‘Spitfire Aeroplane’

As you will see from my images though; this was actually in kit form! What an absolutely beautiful sight! But there it stood. Before my very eyes. Both wings safely secured alongside the body and cockpit of the plane.

It even had instructions as to how the wings were to be aligned and fitted!

“REALLY!!! I thought…Can this be true?”

Still gobsmacked! I quickly took these photographs. Lucky really as it had been moved from it’s space when I returned again later.

“Unbelievable; could you imagine that? Your very own Spitfire…portable, and in kit form!”

“What else could beat that…I ask you?”


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