‘Girls just wanna have Fun’

IMG_5391The big day!

Today It was the turn of the ‘Red Arrows’ Display Team to do their bit for the Commemorations at exactly two o’clock down on the Seafront.

We had decided to take our Beau who we thought would absolutely love it. He climbed into his ‘Toby Wagon’ and we all walked down from my daughters home in Milton. Except Beau of course because he was being pulled along!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather as we made our way down to ‘The Bandstand” all very much looking forward to seeing these most incredible pilots carry out their usual faultless aerial performance over the skies above the Solent!

The place was packed when we eventually all got down there; and we quickly sat ourselves down on the lush grass with the sun blazing high above us.

The Bandstand was alive with hundreds of families. There were children running around and playing roly poly; there were veterans resplendent in their blazers and proudly wearing their medal ribbons. It was obvious what today meant to so many people; and there was just simply the most fantastic atmosphere of joy excitement and anticipation.

Their were dogs of various shapes and sizes all chasing each around and having great fun; some with their owners in pursuit. It seemed that even the pets today; not unlike the humans…had most definitely been caught up in the moment!

Whilst doing my usual people watching bit… suddenly out of the corner of my eye; I spot these two little blonde girls. Each with their own cuddly toy and both full of mischief!

The one with her dummy clamped firmly in her mouth starts pounding her foot up and down on the ground. Then they both begin laughing and dancing throwing their heads around so that their amazing blonde curls shone beautifully in the bright sunlight.

It looked like their Mum was trying to coax them over towards her in order that they could all sit down together and await the arrival of the ‘Red Arrows’ but these two were having none of it. They were having far too much fun!

Then suddenly came the most earth shattering thunderous roar of raw power; and the two little girls were stunned into silence; as the planes flew in low over their heads. The classic red white and blue vapour trails billowing out behind the tail of each plane as they screamed into the arena.

Then just before moving out to sea they opened up the power thrusting their jets directly upwards in tight formation.

All heads were now looking upwards hands over their eyes to shade from the sun; watching intently as the Arrows looped at their highest point before commencing their decent back down towards the enthralled spectators below.

People cheered and clapped loudly; many screaming in absolute delight gasping as the formation then broke away with each individual jet flying directly opposite one another low and out over the waters of the Solent towards Ryde on Isle of Wight.

Needless to say the two little girls who had initially been stunned into silence; then immedialtely resumed rocking out again, curls flying everywhere.

However, this did cease everytime the ‘Red Arrows’ re-appeared again; much to eveyones amusement.

It must be said though; these two were’nt the only ones mesmerised and stunned into silence by what they saw today I can assure you!

This incredible ‘Team of Pilots’ we all witnessed today and the sheer genius of their breathtaking aerobatic skills was pure perfection…it was an honour to watch them and they truly filled your heart with pride…absolutely outstanding!

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