‘Portsmouth Remembered’

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This slideshow offers a brief insight into just some of the amazing events which brought our City to the attention of the World.

It hopefully offers an example of how Portsmouth remembered all those who who took part in and gave their lives for D-Day.

Today the ceremonies which were actually taking place over the channel in Normandy; were being streamed live onto large screens situated here on Southsea Common.

It is 70 years since ‘Operation Overlord’ began; and it was the beginning of the end of the Second World War.

In my personal opinion I would have to say that Portsmouth most definitely did it’s veterans proud.

It was incredible to see the amount of work planning and effort which had obviously gone in to ensuring everyone who ventured down onto the Seafront were in every way; given the opportunity to experience first class events and entertainment as well as being afforded time to pay their individual respects in quiet reflection for those who fought to save our country.

It was equally fantastic to see so many school children attending so many of the events. No doubt they will all now have a real understanding of just how important D-Day truly was.

So congratulations Portsmouth! This was a fantastic week and thank you to all of the people involved for making it so meaningful so moving but most of all so wonderfully memorable!

It is one week that I personally; shall never forget!

Upon the 6th of June
Remember with pride
Men from many nations
Fighting together side by side
Let us never forget
Their bravery and sacrifice
We may have our freedom
But they paid the price

by John F Connor

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