‘Best quit while your a head?’

IMG_6883Events continued again today down here in Portsmouth; and I found myself out entertaining three of our four grand children once the thunderstorms had passed.
Around one o’clock the sun showed it’s face again and so I decided that I should take them onto Southsea common to check out the variety of displays and the exciting live arena events; which were taking place throughout the afternoon.

There was a small fun fair, food and drink stalls, vintage army vehicles, even miniature single seater tanks. we watched the Royal Marine’s band and a very impressive ‘King of the mat’ display of unarmed combat!

I paid particular attention to this demonstration especially having four grand kids to fend off; usually about six thirty in the morning! This is the time usually when they normally decided to collectively ‘paint up’ and storm the bedroom.

Anyway they had just purchased some candy floss despite my best attempts to disuade them.

I kid you not…this candy floss was so enormous that you could easily have stuffed a mattress with it!

As predicted soon afterwards the remains of this sugary rubbish were binned; and we all made our way inside one of the large marquee tents where I soon found myself awaiting the two girls who were by then choosing costume jewellery for themselves.

Looking around me I see this guy; his Canon camera strapped around his neck and busily studying his phone.

His partner though was in the process of having her hair styled by one of the visiting hairdressers. These girls appeared to have brought with them to the show all they were likely to require; and most of it stored in the back of what looked like a recycled vintage postal van.

I asked the kids to stay put a moment and quickly walked around to line up the view I have published on my blog tonight.

It looked to me like these heads were maybe interchangeable?

Perhaps you could choose which one you might have preferred to leave the tent with?

And as you can clearly see for yourselves the stylist in charge looks to be attempting to gently remove this innocent clients head allowing her to fit and sample another?

Could you imagine that? The guy suddenly finishes what he is doing on his mobile phone completely unaware of what the service offers and then starts looking around for his missing partner?
It was after all only a few minutes before that he had seen her take a seat behind the van doors safe in the stylists care.

Puzzled…he then hears her distinctive if somewhat concerned and anxious voice calling out to him.

“Darling I’m over here? On top of the van!”

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