‘Shady Baby’

This young couple and their child were out strolling together today along the Seafront. Initially they were quite far up ahead of me and I thought that I might miss out on capturing the shot which by then I had already fixed in my minds eye?

I was taken initially with the vibrancy of the colours involved; particularly how the umbrella filtered the sunlight on the clothing the woman was wearing and accentuated the features of this little child harnessed securely onto her back.

The Dad was otherwise occupied capturing sea views and a few of the many ships and boats which were populating the water at the time here in the Solent waters.

This played to my advantage as it allowed me sufficient time to catch them both up.

As I got alongside the camera was set and as I raised it I managed to capture the image which I had been hoping to get.

I was really pleased with the end result; particularly from the point of view of how I had remembered first seeing and visualising it?

And with the amount of sunshine we have had here these last couple of days; it seemed pertinent to edit it and to accentuate slightly the wonderful vibrancy in the primary colours.

Interestingly when I took this image; the young mother had clearly observed me doing so. Although she was in no way negatively reactive to my encroachment into their privacy.

Rather pleasingly in fact; she responded with a wonderfully warm and very friendly smile as I past her by and nodded to her my appreciation.

Her husband in contrast continued looking out to sea and checking the settings on his camera…completely unaware!

But then different things appeal to different types of photographer; and that’s what makes it all so absorbing and addictive!

7 thoughts on “‘Shady Baby’

      • My pleasure Bob.
        I’m doing as well as can be expected, not been too well lately, but hopefully on the mend again.
        I trust you’re well?

      • Sorry to hear that! Hope you are on the road to recovery very soon Bess?
        I’m well thanks just taking each day.
        You look after yourself my friend

      • That’s very kind of you to say so Bob, thank you. Taking each day as it comes is all we can do my wonderful friend. You look after yourself too.

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