‘The Purple Balloons’

IMG_4206 Chichester; and this young guy is striding out through the high street purposefully clutching eight purple balloons.

Meanwhile un-noticed is one little girl whom you can see secured into her push chair; who is clearly looking at them in the vain hope that she might have one?

However, her mother is somewhat distracted and probably reflecting upon something which has occurred earlier in her morning?

Whilst the guy himself is obviously totally focused upon the task in hand and is on a mission. Therefore failing even to acknowledge their presence.

Now the name on the balloons and on the headers of the flyers he is holding depict the name ‘Novium’

This comes from the Roman name for the city ‘Noviomagus Reginorum’ and is coincidentally the very name of the museum here in Chichester!

It was designed by architect Keith Williams; and is a building divided up into three floors each of which contains a gallery for exhibition.

There is also a learning room and a store for their social history collection. It stands directly over the top of Chichester’s Bath House complex which are displayed in their ground floor gallery.

According to Wikipedia it house over 350,000 objects from geological and archaelogical through to social and historic artefacts and was opened on the 8th July 2012

So one would think that with so many objects and so much space available. That they might have at least given this little girl one balloon!

4 thoughts on “‘The Purple Balloons’

  1. Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by my blog. I very much enjoy the photographs you post here and the little stories behind each scenario. I often use pictures, newspaper cuttings or everyday scenes I snap with my camera to inspire my writing and the photos you show here certainly spark some story ideas! I look forward to your next blog post.

    • Do you know what. That is so kind of you to leave me such a lovely comment. I am so pleased that you like what I am doing and it’s so good to have a soul mate who understands.
      You are very kind
      Kind Regards

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