‘Girl Talk’

IMG_6469 Now I would have to say…If I am being honest; that in this complex life we live there are certain things which simply do not interest the majority of us males!

Shopping can without doubt cause many to glaze over; and in many cases to shut down completely!

Todays image might serve as an example to you of what it is I mean!

Observe this photograph closely.

You will note the wide eyed enthusiastic and very animated reactions of these two young sisters (possibly twins?) who having at last found their perfect summer dress; one which they were both over the moon with; have both just exited this high end fashion shop to share their joy and excitement!

Mum smiles and clutches the small childs hand listening intently; but is only too aware that her husband is beginning to lose the will to live; having been child minding now for some considerable time?

This of course is all pure supposition on my part!

Furthermore it is my belief that the small child was definitely a little girl? I say this purely because she also suddenly sprung up and automatically seemed to tune into and become involved with; the gist of this bubbly new conversation!

Now. By way of a contrast…let’s look at the father!

He is wearing a somewhat pained expression on his face, he looks completely disengaged from his immediate surroundings?

For him it is obvious that fashion and shopping really do not work! Which is what I was saying at the start of todays blog. In my experience this is how it is in the majority of cases? Despite that is; the many brave attempts I have personally witnessed; whereby some guys will try to convince their partners otherwise?

I felt for this man…I would have liked to have invited him to go for a pint?

But there you go…I guess it’s just all part of lifes rich tapestry!

4 thoughts on “‘Girl Talk’

  1. I love this shot, especially the little girl’s enthusiasm with the group. I hated shopping when I was married. When single, however, it was a different story. I could actually help women shop, and as a result, it was a way to get to know really attractive women when they were feeling good.

    Heh. It all depends on what you’re shopping for.

    • Today Bill I was shopping for compliments and you very kindly obliged!
      I totally get where you are coming from though you silver tongued devil you!
      Great to hear from you and thank you my friend!

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